The Secret to Happiness

It seems to be the contention that someone else is always happier than I am.

Why is this? Is it because they were born happy? That could be the case or perhaps they learnt to be happy.


Is happiness about feeling loved?

I know I will find some one who will make me happy. They will fulfill me and be my soul mate. They will listen to me and understand me. We might argue sometimes but that will only be to clear the air and to get things back on track. They will want to do things for me and even if I take them for granted sometimes they will forgive me. I know for sure they will protect me from the ugly things in the world. They will definitely have high potential. They will like all the things I like and have lots of things in common with me. We will be so happy together that people will say “they are the perfect couple”.

So, Mr./ Mrs. Right, where are you? Why haven’t you come into my life yet? I want to be happy now so hurry up and introduce yourself please. I will be unhappy if you don’t come and complete me.

I wonder if I could learn to be happy on my own? I think I should be happy with myself first. Someone said first love yourself before you can be loved. I wonder if that might have merit.

Happiness is not a goal, it is something you find along the way

How to be happy is a journey and in truth you are responsible for your happiness with or without that special person. A change in the way you see yourself and how you see yourself in a relationship will bring you happiness. How well you adapt and adjust to your surroundings and circumstances is a big key element to your happiness.

There is much information available and there are also methods you can easily understand, that will bring sure fired results. You don’t need to be an optimist to be happy. I have met many pessimistic optimists. The rules of happiness are quite simple yet difficult to implement if you don’t practice them.

— Mordecai

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